Mack’s Class meets at 9:00 am in the Chapel beginning June 2 with three general topics – Faith, Bible, and Practices, with each topic having 7 lessons. The first topic is Faith. Each Sunday we will view a short video highlighting one of the 7 lessons under the topic of Faith – God, Religion, Jesus, Salvation, Cross, Bible, and Church. The video presenters are well-known lead-ers in the Reformed tradition. The PCUSA’s Bruce Reyes-Chow will present the lesson on Church. Other presenters come from different denominations in the Reformed tradition. After the video, Mack will lead a group discussion on each lesson, and there will be a journal for those who wish to keep one during the se-ries. This class will be fun and, hopefully, enlightening. There may also be at least one social gathering with the class during the summer, and maybe more.


Parents of Little Ones (POLO) meets at 9:00 am on the second Sunday of the month. We meet in Room 1 downstairs for our study. 


WORD OF LIFE & THEOLOGY FOR TODAY will begin again in September.