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Word of Life meets at 9:00 am in Room 5 (Lower Level Lounge) beginning September 9. We will begin a new study. Come join us for lively discussions and interesting topics.



Parents of Little Ones (POLO) meets at 9:00 am on the second Sunday of the month. We meet in the nursery for family breakfast munchies and then head downstairs to Room 1 for our study.


Beginning Sunday, September 9 at 9:00 am in Upper Room West join Rev. Bill Voigt as we take an educational and spiritual journey to one of the oldest cities in the world – Jerusalem!

Covering 4,000 years of history we will explore the founding of this Holy city and the birthplace of the world’s three major monotheistic religions – Judaism, Christianity and Islam. The rich tapestry of life and faith come together as we look in on a city that has been twice destroyed, attacked dozens of times, and is noted as “URUSALIM” on numerous ancient Egyptian tablets. This three week class meets September 9, 16 and 23. Breakfast is provided. 


Factfullness bookTHEOLOGY FOR TODAY

Theology for Today meets at 9:00 am in Upper Room West beginning September 30 with a series on Hans Rosling’s new book, “Factfulness”. September 30 – Quality of life in the world, October 7 – What affects our understanding of the world, October 14 – World population growth and how the world is changing.