Sunday Youth Activities & Classes

Sunday Youth Activities & Classes

nursery reading

NURSERY  10:00 – 12:00 pm Children 4 and under enjoy coloring, singing and playing in our beautiful nursery with DeDe.


10:30 am to 11:30 am Children 4 and up meet their teachers in the Sanctuary and participate in the Worship Service. After the Children’s Message they leave for these age appropriate classes.

God's Trailblazers

God’s Trailblazers for ages 4 through 8 will meet in Rooms 7 & 8 with Kathy. A LOOK INTO GOD’S AMAZING CREATION is the theme. We use the Discover column for kids exploring nature, science, and God’s amazing, good world ( A packet with lessons will be mailed to the parents each month. Lesson title examples are “Wonder in the Stars”, “Finding the Way”, “The Sheep of God’s Pasture” and “Five Ways to Pray”. Contact Kathy through the office email if you would like your child to participate remotely.

Kreamer's KrusadersThe Crusaders for ages 8 through 12 meet in Room 6 with Debbie & Bonnie. The Crusaders are studying stories from the Bible using GROWING IN GOD’S LOVE curriculum.  Lessons, activities, and resources will distributed to our families in person, by mail, and via email. Contact Debbie & Bonnie through the office email if you would like your child to participate remotely.

AnchorAnchor Trinity for High School & College ages youth meet in Room 1 with Rona are HEARING GOD. Rona is sending out a list of Contemporary Christian Musicians across all genres- listen to these artists, visit their websites,  and choose your Top 3 and send the artist’s name and favorite songs to Rona at We get together in person downstairs starting at announcements and listen to your favorite musicians together and talk about how God is speaking to us through music.