Why You’ll Like It Here

Why You’ll Like It Here

You’re looking for a church where you can discuss faith and current events in a casual setting on Sunday morning over a good cup of coffee!

You’re tired of simple answers to the difficult questions.

You’re looking for a community where not everyone looks the same, talks alike, and believes the exact same things.

You’re ready to make a difference in Tucson.

We’ve got an interesting, historic building that’s located on 4th Avenue near some really great restaurants, coffee bars and unique shops.

You’ve reached a point in your life where you’re interested in going to church despite the fact that it will thrill your parents.

You’ve had a difficult week. We might be able to help.

You’ve got some questions, and you’d like someone to listen.

We will be a different place if you come, and we like that idea.

You’re hungry to meet God.