What We Believe

What We Believe

CrossLiliesOur worship of God brings together historic traditions and new practices, rich music and faithful preaching.  Our discipleship programs invite you to connect with others and grow in faith. Our service is richly layered with seasonal programs, monthly hands-on projects, and ongoing volunteer ministry opportunities.

On Sunday mornings, this community gathers, alive and strong, to praise God, to grow in the Spirit, and to serve the world in Christ’s name.  We will welcome you among us!

We’re a community of Christian believers, followers of Jesus Christ.

  • God creates and redeems us in love.
  • In Christ, God offers new life and hope to the world.
  • By the Spirit, God gives us to one another for faithful and fruitful living.

We’re a part of the church Universal (the church catholic).  With all Christians, we

  • participate in the one Body of Jesus Christ, the church;
  • understand the Old and New Testaments as God’s Word to us, by the Holy Spirit;
  • believe God has come among us in Jesus Christ;
  • believe God’s three-in-one mystery: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

We were birthed in the Protestant Reformation of the Church.

  • The grace of God sustains us.
  • Faith in God is a gift offered to us.
  • The Scriptures from God center us, guiding our daily living.

And, we’re part of the Presbyterian and Reformed expression of the church.

  • God is sovereign and rules over life and death. 
  • God chooses us, before we choose God, to receive redemption and hope, and to serve the world making God’s vision real. God makes a covenant with us, and we in turn covenant with Christ and with each other to be the church.
  • Our stewardship reflects modesty about our possessions and generosity in our giving.
  • We take sin seriously, are careful about power, and work together for God’s justice in the world, all in obedience to our Creator.