The Six Mountains of jesus

The Six Mountains of jesus

Mack’s Lenten study for 2024 “The Six Mountains of Jesus” is a class he created. The source book was written in 1985 by Terence Donaldson titled “Jesus On The Mountain.” This link is for the out of print book that Mack used to create the class.

Below are the videos and class notes from each week’s presentation.

February 18 – “The Mountain of Temptation”

February 25 – “The Mountain of Teaching”

March 3 – “The Mountain of Feeding”

March 10 – “The Mountain of Transfiguration”

March 17 – “The Mount of Olives”

March 24 (Palm Sunday) – “The Mountain of Commissioning”

All classes were sourced in Matthew’s gospel. The class explored the spiritual theme in Matthew of the mountains from which Jesus performed his ministry and prepared his disciples for his death and resurrection. It highlighted the two Old Testament mountains that Matthew connects to his gospel – Mt. Sinai, and Mt. Zion (the Temple Mount.)

These classes were recorded each week and posted below. Select the underlined date and name above to view the class notes.