As Presbyterians, we are a church of Word and Sacrament.

We come together in worship both to hear God’s Word to us in Scripture and preaching, and to practice doing that Word at the font and table of our Lord. Gathered around pulpit, font and table, we know ourselves as beloved children of God, who are seeking to live as faithful disciples of Jesus Christ in the world.

Each Sunday, water poured into the baptismal bowl reminds us who we are and how we are called to live. Each Sunday, words spoken from the pulpit ground our living in the Bible and in the living Christ. Each Sunday, our prayers and gifts offered around the Lord’s table help us understand ourselves as family, a people who belong to God and to each other in Jesus Christ.

Creed, prayers and offering generally follow the sermon. These are all ways of making an active response to the Word of God we have heard, by expressing our love for God and for neighbor in concrete words and actions.

Monthly the sharing of bread and cup in the Lord’s Supper nourishes us in the Christian life, and shapes us in the practices of gratitude, generosity, sharing and service. The bread and wine may be served either by passing trays among the pews, or by inviting worshipers forward for intinction (dipping bread into cup). Always, the wine is grape juice, and a gluten-free bread alternative is provided. All the baptized, of any age or denomination, are invited to take part with us in the church’s sacramental meal.

The order of the service generally takes us from gathering together, to listening for God’s Word, to responding around Christ’s table, to being sent out for service. Congregational participation is invited through singing, unison prayers, responsive readings, silence, the greeting of other worshipers, receiving bread and wine at communion, and offering gifts.

The Scripture readings follow the Revised Common Lectionary, a 3-year schedule of Old Testament, New Testament and Gospel readings in use in many Presbyterian, Methodist, Lutheran, Episcopal and other churches. The preaching is based on one or more of the Scripture readings. The sermon may be delivered by one of Trinity’s pastors, or occasionally by a guest.

Persons exploring God’s call to Christian fellowship, discipleship and service are regularly invited to prepare for Baptism or baptismal renewal, and are accompanied in their preparation by a church member companion in our Companeros program. Parents requesting baptism for their children are encouraged to contact the pastor.

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