Dr Mack’s Bible Study on the Book of Revelation

Dr Mack’s Bible Study on the Book of Revelation

Mack’s Class on the Book of Revelation is postponed.

Dr. Mack hosts his Bible Study on the Book of Revelation  Thursdays at 10:00 am in Fellowship Hall.  Please double check the CHURCH CALENDAR listed in the top menu under EVENTS to make sure there is not a time or location change. This is going to be fun, especially considering the topic of the study – the Book of Revelation.  Dr. Mack been teaching the Book of Revelation for many years and studied the Book of Revelation in seminary and in continuing education classes throughout his pastoral journey.  We will be looking at John’s amazing work verse-by-verse and sometimes word-by-word. This will be an extensive study that will go throughout the year, from October through May, with a break for summer, and then continuing through the next Christian year.  If you miss a class take a look below for it…the same applies if you are unsure about the class and want to see what it is all about.

NOTE: November 15th video is unavailable. There was no class  December 27, 2018,  March 14, 2019 or March 12, 2020.

Click the image below for a PDF copy of the slides used in the class.

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