Exile & Return: The Sage of Two Great Religions

Exile & Return: The Sage of Two Great Religions

Rev. Bill Voigt presented an Adult class April 25 – May 16, 2021 with media, message and discussion, which explored two of the great Monotheistic religions of our world.

A temple in flames…two cultures in the midst of crisis and upheaval. One religion seeking to be free of their enemies. The other, whose enemies unknowingly helped to give rise to that religion.  Journey through ancient lands, such as the recently discovered lost city of ancient Luxor, then travel through three thousand years of time, as we seek to uncover new truths and theories about Christianity and Judaism.

Class 1 – “Setting the Stage:  Ancient Peoples and an Identity Crisis”

Class 2 – “Explosive Claims:  Wait a Minute, Caesar is the Son of God”

Class 3 – “Against All Odds:  Suffering, Annihilation and Growth?!”

Class 4 – “There’s No Place Like Home: A Long Journey Back ” (or “Just Click Your Heels”)

Enjoy the classes in their entirety in the playlist below.

The April 25 class is the first one and others can be accessed from the menu at the top right of the image. Select the arrow in the middle of the image to play the video.