Visitors to Trinity are welcome to participate in any of our ministries of worship, discipleship and service. When you are ready, we invite you to take a next step on your spiritual journey.

If you would like to learn more about Trinity’s ministry

If you’d like to make a friend in this congregation

If you are looking for guidance as you explore where God may be leading you next

If you are interested in deepening your faith and involvement in the church

If you think you might like to be baptized

Consider enrolling in COMPANEROS, our member companioning program.

Those who desire to explore a deeper relationship with God or a new commitment to the church are encouraged to take part in our companioning program. COMPANEROS pairs an interested visitor with a church member for several weeks of conversation and prayer. It includes the following components:

– A public welcome in worship

– 8 weekly conversations with a member companion

– Daily prayer for each other

– Weekly worship and study with the church

– 2 gatherings with a pastor and other Companeros

– Baptismal preparation for those not yet baptized as Christians

– An opportunity, if desired, to meet with the Session to join the church

– Baptismal renewal in worship to receive new church members

COMPANEROS builds friendships and encourages honest sharing, asking questions and openness about faith. It offers all those who enter our doors a way to grow spiritually, whether or not it leads to church membership.