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Chancel Drama – “You Were There : Reformation” by Michael A. Clarke


“You Were There: Reformation” is part of a series of plays in which a radio show host interviews people who knew Martin Luther including Luther’s sister, Hildegard Luder, who remembers their childhood;  Johann Tetzel, a Dominican friar; and Rabbi Yehuda Ben Josef, a childhood friend who responds to questions about Luther’s writings on the Jews.  A seminary […]

Chancel Drama – “Have You Seen My Son?” A Play for Lent


This chancel drama will be part of the 10:30 am worship service. It is an amazing dramatic portrayal of five mothers – Mary, the mother of Jesus; Judas’ mother; the mother of the young man who ran away naked from Gethsemane; the mother of John the Apostle, the mother of Barabbas; and the mother of […]